Beating the Secularist at His Own Game

A Secular Proof of God-given Rights The entire nation holds that our laws should not rest on any religious tenet or tradition. That’s a good thing. However, the secularists have had their way with our laws and our religious symbols for many decades. They have won the arguments because, as nonbelievers, their ideas seemed inherently secular. The rest of us…Continue reading Beating the Secularist at His Own Game

A List of Rights and Their Origins

The following is a list of frequently claimed human rights with a brief description of their origins. Some are fundamental, others are a derivative of a fundamental right. Still others are not rights at all but rather an abstract appeal to some human sensibility. These latter “rights” turn out to confuse the meaning of the word “right”. What Is a…Continue reading A List of Rights and Their Origins

The Gender Explosion

The two sexes have suddenly given rise to a gender explosion — the big bang of the sexual universe. Well, that’s what the gender mongers would have us think. However, everything is the same as always. There aren’t any new genders, only new definitions for old words. Words are the atoms of thought so when definitions get mangled, everything gets confused.…Continue reading The Gender Explosion

Celebrating 13 Constitutions

The Confederacy was a failed attempt at a co-op among the 13 colonies whose revolution made them sovereign nations. When the Confederacy failed, the need for unification became clear. Each of these nations/states had their own constitution. Those 13 constitutions protected the rights of the people from the oppression they had just escaped. Today, Constitution Day 2019, we celebrate 13…Continue reading Celebrating 13 Constitutions

The Fallacy that Became a Wall of Separation

The logical fallacy behind the wall of separation between church and state has been hidden in plain sight for over two centuries. A little logic reveals the misconception and explains its power to legalize prejudice. Because the wall is founded on an inadvertent delusion, we should expect to find symptoms of that error on both sides of the wall. And…Continue reading The Fallacy that Became a Wall of Separation