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My Proof That God Exists

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The Traditional Bases for Morality

Sign board with right and wrong arrows pointing in opposite directions
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A New Basis for Old Morality

letter scroll
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Christian Letter III

Stonehenge at Solstice
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For Signs, and for Seasons

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Prepping the Debate Class

George Washington Praying at Valley Forge
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The Politics of Fear and the Protection of Faith

Programming Code Statements
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There is No Such “Thing” as Software

big boulder
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The Rock: Key to Natural Human Rights

The planet Saturn with its rings
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Natural Rights and Government

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The Powerful Effects of the New Rights Paradigm

The bigoted scale of justice
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Beating the Secularist at His Own Game

US Constitution
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A List of Rights and Their Origins

US Senate Chamber
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What the Senate is Teaching Us

Nighttime galaxy by tree sillouette
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Science Weaponizes Conservatism

Who am I? question.
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Gender Bullying

A row of 12 people in rainbow colors
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The Gender Explosion

Don't Tread on Me, Gadsden Flag
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Celebrating 13 Constitutions

Bible and Pistol
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God and Guns

brick wall ruin
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The Fallacy that Became a Wall of Separation