Mustard seeds spilling from a jar
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Pray Like a Mustard Seed

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Everything is About Rights. Everything.

Boy looking down railroad tracks
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Is It Possible to Find Truth?

Happy couple sitting together
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Cultural Change Requires Celebration

My mother in 1970
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Life After Death

Six child pyramid on playground
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Glimpses Through The Veil

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My Proof That God Exists

letter scroll
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Letter to Christians II

Cover of Book of Mormon 1830 Edition reprint
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The Awkward English in the Book of Mormon

letter scroll
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Letter to Christians I

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Prepping the Debate Class

George Washington Praying at Valley Forge
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The Politics of Fear and the Protection of Faith

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Taking God Out of Rights Only Reveals More Rights

The bigoted scale of justice
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Beating the Secularist at His Own Game

Bible and Pistol
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God and Guns

brick wall ruin
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The Fallacy that Became a Wall of Separation

Ancient church ruin
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Religious Rights in Early America

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Bladensburg and the Wall That Couldn’t

The bigoted scale of justice
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The Failed Promise of Secularism

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Two Steps to Happiness