How My Insights Come at Me

Breakers on Pacific Beach

A few nights each month, some distant thought comes to the shore of my consciousness like a huge wave approaching from far out at sea. As my sleep shallows, the wave rises up in a great breaker and crashes down in a rushing, torrent of thoughts and I have to go to my desk and capture them for if I wait, the breaker flattens out on the beach of my mind and disappears into the sand of the mundane, every day.

This post is one of those that just now rushed over me, the second one on this particular day.

The first was a breakthrough into the subject of abstractions as related to church and state. It was the realization that the historical concepts of accommodation (George Washington, for example) and separation (Thomas Jefferson, for example) are abstractions, and that this perceived dichotomy might be a false one. There may be wholeness somewhere among the realities behind these two abstractions that would give us unity in our political culture. So now I am in deep dive mode, tracking down the antecedents of accommodation and separation, hoping to wander among them while I seek to understand what is really going on there. Pity that my search can only be expressed with these abstract words.

Have a wonderful day.

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