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Moon, Earth, and Sun
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An Introduction to Temporal Rights

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My Proof That God Exists

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Christian Letter IV

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The Traditional Bases for Morality

Sign board with right and wrong arrows pointing in opposite directions
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A New Basis for Old Morality

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Christian Letter III

Stonehenge at Solstice
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For Signs, and for Seasons

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Letter to Christians II

Cover of Book of Mormon 1830 Edition reprint
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The Awkward English in the Book of Mormon

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Letter to Christians

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Prepping the Debate Class

George Washington Praying at Valley Forge
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The Politics of Fear and the Protection of Faith

Programming Code Statements
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There is No Such “Thing” as Software

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The Rock: Key to Natural Human Rights

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Taking God Out of Rights Only Reveals More Rights

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How to Visualize a Right

Two talking the right way
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How to Win Every Political Discussion

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Apollo 13 CO2 patch
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A New Rights Party

The Statue of Liberty
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Give Your Life for Liberty

Signing of the Declaration of Independence
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We Can Unify