An Open Letter to Tucker, Glenn, Laura, et al.

At least half the nation is wringing its hands in despair as we watch our ship of state list ever more dangerously to the left. The mutinous gangs in the hold are shoving all the cargo to port, the captain has the rudder hard to port, and the seas are coming through the scuppers onto the deck and into the hatches.

Mascot Owl Facing Left

We are buying lifeboats, wet suits, provisions and stores, training ourselves to swim longer, while praying as never before that we won’t need any of that. What we really need is your help.

The police cars of America are emblazoned with “To Protect and Serve”. Your information vehicles need to be emblazoned with “To Inform and Empower”. Your informing is marvelous, but if we the people ever needed power, this is the day.

Because We Really Don’t Want to Abandon Ship

You there in the bow! You raise the alarms as we approach the rocks. You there in the chart room! You warn us of the dangers of our present course! But in the smoke screen laid down by the mutinous crew we can’t find our way to overthrow these scoundrels. We do need to know: who are the instigators, what is their next move, and where we should strike. You are doing marvelously well with all that. But we need just a little more and you already have the information we desperately need to route the dastardly villains.

Editors need to insist that their journalists replace “It was suggested that …” with “Chairman Robert Smith suggested that …”. Details please! Specifics will empower us. Generalities just frustrate us.

In Order to Inform a More Perfect Union

You want, and in some cases you desperately need to expand your audience. What would happen if your followers suddenly saw exactly how they could make a difference? How much happier would they be to know that they could not only get the facts about the problem, but also the facts to fix it.

You have crews gathering, winnowing, and vetting the info you present to us. You know the key players and the central issues. You know where we can see the primary sources. You know the names and contact information for the people we need to call, write, and drown in our praise or displeasure and demands. Please add a much-needed power section to your websites, articles, and other publications! Give us the power to speak with the authority of truth directly to the movers and shakers.

I love to listen to Tucker Carlson, Glenn Beck, Laura Ingram and to read The Western Journal, The Federalist, and The Epoch Times, but after I am informed I usually sit frustrated and sad that I don’t know where to start to fix the problem they have so clearly delineated for me.

The Rise of the Deplorables

The left has shown us how they will punish us for street demonstrations, but they cannot infiltrate our phone calls, our letters and emails to Senators, Representatives, Committee Chairs, Mayors, and School Administrators. We can show Hillary what the “basket of deplorables” can do.

Here’s A Suggested Format

I believe the most effective way to convey the empowerment information is to append it to the relevant news so that the reader can make calls or write while seeing both the issue and his empowerment information simultaneously. Here is a simple example:

The BPR Business & Politics website published the following paragraph yesterday.

“Congress voted Thursday to reauthorize Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) with no reforms as part of the National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA.”

Here is a possible revision.

Congress voted Thursday to reauthorize Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) with no reforms as part of the National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA. [Republicans voting to extend were these.]

Permanent Resource Section

Each published article should also end with a permanent link to the periodical’s website where the reader can find at least the following:

  • How to contact his federal, state, and local government representatives
  • Guidance on the structure and methods of legislation committees, chairmen
  • How to contact his state and local school administrations
  • Links to guidance in effective contacts with the above people
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