Glimpses Through The Veil

While we were courting, my wife and I had many long discussions. Among them was a decision to have eight children. We thought that the best gift we could give the world was eight honest, hopefully hard-working, loving citizens. The first four came during our first five years of marriage and we decided we had better start using an effective birth control system. We prayed that we would be given to know when it was time to lay that aside and have another child. Our prayers were answered as follows.

Ordinarily, we just talked about when we should get pregnant again and came to an agreement but there were two times when the veil was very thin and we saw the next child who was waiting to come. In the first instance, I saw, in my mind, a full-grown girl in a white robe who seemed to stand out in a line of similarly robed people. I knew that would be our next baby. I didn’t mention this experience to my wife for at least a few days as I was concerned that she might think me crazy. However, I finally ventured to talk about it and found that she had had the same “vision” (or whatever you want to call it) of the next child and that she had the experience at exactly the same moment as I had.

And Then the Second One

The second time this happened was as we sat down for supper. I always looked around to be sure everyone was present. By this time we had four children with us. My wife and I sat at the ends of the table with the children on the sides. As I asked the question “Is everybody here?”, I saw, in my mind’s eye, a full-grown man in a white robe standing behind one of the seated children. I knew that meant it was time for us to get pregnant again. I said to my wife, “Did you see that?”. She said, “Yes, I did! It’s time for another one.”

Mascot Owl Wings Out

These were precious moments in our lives, rather sacred moments I should add. My readers are free to think whatever they wish about this report. All I can say is I have reported the truth of our separate and individual experiences. There are, of course, several theoretical ways to dismiss these as phenomena that don’t require the existence of God. We saw them as direct answers to our prayers. Those individual prayers could account for the suggestions to our sub-conscience minds that eventually led to the experiences, but that doesn’t account for their simultaneity nor their identical images. So how do you explain those without God? I won’t even try because in my heart of hearts, I know. Furthermore, if I were to say “I believe it is from God,” I would feel like I wasn’t telling the whole truth.

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