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Mascot Owl WinkingHere are a few proverbs I’ve collected over the years. I think they are mostly mine but one can never be entirely certain of such things.

  1. Were it not for light, darkness would have no name. Were it not for rights, there would be no political issues.
  2. Proud men have no time for truth.
  3. Political evil is always a violation of natural rights.
  4. Legislation cannot create freedom. 
  5. All political laws infringe freedom. Political laws infringe freedom. 
  6. Rights created by law are not rights. They are entitlements.
  7. Entitlements infringe the rights of those who pay for them.
  8. In this world we live in the law of the jungle. If your rights don’t end where mine begin, it will be hell on earth.
  9. You can’t detect light with a microphone, or sound with a camera. You can’t detect God with a big antenna but you can with prayer because that puts you in the same dimension.
  10. Any enduring system will exhibit pattern fragments from divine systems.
  11. The better you understand God, the better you know who you are.
  12. Who dares to say God would never replicate himself?
  13. Important but unpopular truths will always attract liars.
  14. The worse things get the more likely they’ll get better.
  15. To deny one’s biological gender is to establish profound dissonance.
  16. Most misunderstandings are just paradigm problems.
  17. Temporal Rights are metadata of the natural processes of the universe.
  18. Total freedom will come with total respect for the rights of others — and not until.
  19. The more free you are the faster you learn.
  20. There is more joy in trying and failing than in making excuses for not trying.
  21. To understand is first to sort out the elements of the topic at hand and to see them in their actual relationships to each other. Mental laziness might be the root of all society’s woes.
  22. A system containing involuntary acquiescence is dynamically unstable.
  23. Every virtue pressed to its extreme becomes a vice.
  24. A true scientist questions everything, especially his own thoughts.
  25. To whatever degree you worry about what others think, you are their slave. {Zac Poonen} 
  26. Some art is worse than it looks.
  27. Love is an act of free choice. “Turn on your heart light.”
  28. Life goes better when you seek the truth rather than waiting until it is thrust upon you.
  29. Happiness cannot be directly created — do what is right and happiness happens.
  30. We usually confuse pleasure and happiness, but pleasure comes from attending to yourself and happiness from attending to others.
  31. It takes a giant leap of faith to say there is no God.
  32. Respect may stand alone so it precedes love.
  33. Calling noise “music” doesn’t make it sound better.
  34. Rap music is worse than it sounds.
  35. A proud eye is a blind eye.
  36. Pride and sophistry are but two aspects of the same rotten heart.
  37. Love flourishes on the ashes of self.
  38. If you deny absolutes, you can’t be certain about anything – including your denial of absolutes.
  39. Condemning a message on the basis of the messenger is illogical, intellectual bigotry.
  40. If you keep on avoiding the truth, eventually you’ll never find it.
  41. You yourself write the things you read between the lines that others wrote.
  42. Secularism doesn’t work, it just strips dogma from the demands for behavior.
  43. Demanding tolerance is confessing intolerance.
  44. Only a true racist can see racism everywhere.
  45. Beauty arises when order is applied to chaos.
  46. There are atheists and there are God-haters. They are not even similar.
  47. If you are not true to yourself, life will be perplexing and discouraging.
  48. Fighting false ideas is flailing at the darkness. Just turn on the light.
  49. Laws granting entitlements to a class are unjust.
  50. Slavery: My rights to your skills exceed your rights to your skills.
  51. Legislating utopia is an oxymoronic nightmare.
  52. The road to liberty runs through a tunnel of kept promises.
  53. You are not entitled to respect. You have to earn it and it takes time.
  54. A peaceful society’s most important rules cannot be enforced by law.
  55. There are natural rights and unnatural rights.
  56. Bigotry is a war on diversity.
  57. Patience is a virtue. If you’ve got it, flaunt it!
  58. An abstraction without a clear antecedent, confuses and destroys.
  59. You can sometimes detect truth by your powerful aversion to it.
  60. Tyrants punish opinions. Freemen cherish them for their diverse insights.
  61. A living Constitution dies every time the Supreme Court injects some new legal theory.
  62. Entitlement is the hard stamp of pride and the siren song of social justice.
  63. Some want to impose their version of utopia. Others want to do their own “pursuit of happiness.”
  64. “Freedom from …” is a thinly veiled attempt to justify reverse discrimination.
  65. Each new “feature” in a device creates a new failure mode. Each new law creates a new failure mode.
  66. What appears to be fair or just, is profoundly affected by the reach of the matters considered in that evaluation. Justice cannot be served by narrow views.

Parental Sayings

Here’s a few saying we learned to use with our children that you may enjoy –
Mother and Teenager

  1. I’m not asking you to want to. [in answer to “I don’t want to — “]
  2. Shall I go rob a bank?? [In answer to “But so and so is doing it.”]
  3. It’s good to have a dream. [When they want something totally out of the question.]
  4. Nothing is fair but the weather, and that’s only once in a while.” [Actually a quote from a high school teacher]
  5. Are you sure you want fairness and justice? [The little beggars have no idea how in debt they are to you.]
  6. What did you do? [Never ask “why”, which invites them to continue justifying bad behavior.]
  7. Once you have it done, you will understand why I want you to do it.
  8. I think you should go ahead and do that, but you will regret it later. [When a non-terminal error is about to be made. (Freedom makes natural consequences the teacher.)]



Some Other Good Ones

  • “Look deeply into nature, then you’ll understand everything better,” Albert Einstein
  • “Courage can’t develop unless there is fear,” Paul V. Anderson

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