Comments on the writings of Jackson Pemberton:

“Your article for March 4th [2019, The Birth of Confidence: The New Constitution] is fantastic, I really enjoy the perspective you keep bringing – and I love that you cited your FEE article1 – the first I ever read of yours some years ago… Thank you!” Michael Boldin, CEO Tenth Amendment Center.

“With your writing experience and grasp of the founding principles, we would be thrilled to have you contributing to the TAC on a regular basis.” Michael Maharrey, Director of Communications, Tenth Amendment Center.

“Jackson Pemberton has a way with words. He takes¬† the difficult subject of church and state and makes it easily accessible – especially to folks who may not usually delve into the subject. Pemberton has a conversational way of writing; his placement of stories is genius. Like the cave represented in the introduction. Pemberton’s examples of church and state, go deep. It’s as if the cave is lit up for the very first time and the answers are clear,” Kathryn Elizabeth Jones, author, editor, publisher and journalism instructor.

“What a great article and how well put. It’s about time someone with the ability to write on the level of the average citizen expressed the value of our Constitution. I only wish I could memorize every word of it.” Mrs. Mary Lou Kieswetter, Munster, IN, Executive Director, National Council for the Encouragement of Patriotism.

“This is wonderful material! What are you going to do with it?” Telephone call from Ezra Taft Benson, Board of Directors, Foundation for Economic Education, former US Secretary of Agriculture, Apostle of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

“I think this commentary will do more to stimulate thinking about our nation’s founding than any other Bicentennial writing I have seen,”¬† Dr. John Howard, Director of the Rockford College Institute.

“Brilliant and wonderfully written. I will be sure to share this piece with others, properly cited, of course.” Jason’s comment on an essay I wrote for the Tenth Amendment Center.

“An exceptionally well written discussion on our Constitutional heritage.” Ruthetta E. Miller, Auburn, CA.

“This was the most clearly stated case for the Second Amendment that it has been or good fortune to hear. We have determined that, as an organization, we desire to send a copy of those six paragraphs to every member of the Congress of the United States, and also to all members of the Legislature of Minnesota.” Dick Fredericks, St. Cloud, MN, Commander, Veterans of Foreign Wars.

“When I find someone turning out particularly fine work, I feel a great urge to tell him that I appreciate it, as I dislike seeing a good job go unrecognized. … I thought you would like to know that your essays are a great inspiration to us.” William B. Boyd, Fairfield, CT.

“I have often wished that we could include a chapter [of A New Message] in our monthly union paper. As you well can imagine such lessons from history as you brought out … would be shocking, but oh, so refreshing a viewpoint in a union paper. I believe that I could persuade our union paper editor to include it.” [Emphasis in the original] Joseph W. Clifford, De Pere, WI.

1 A New Message, originally published by FEE as their bicentennial featured series here, is also available online at

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