Celebrating 13 Constitutions

The Confederacy was a failed attempt at a co-op among the 13 colonies whose revolution made them sovereign nations. When the Confederacy failed, the need for unification became clear. Each of these nations/states had their own constitution. Those 13 constitutions protected the rights of the people from the oppression they had just escaped. Today, Constitution Day 2019, we celebrate 13…Continue reading Celebrating 13 Constitutions

The Birth of Confidence: The New Constitution

On March 4, 2019, we commemorate the inauguration of the most transcendent legal document ever written: the Constitution of the United States of America. The thirteen colonies fought off the English and became sovereign states. Thirteen years after 1776, and thousands of discussions over back fences and in the public square, a new constitution was crafted. The date set for…Continue reading The Birth of Confidence: The New Constitution

Bladensburg and the Wall That Couldn’t

There is a reason that the wall of separation between church and state cannot take down the Bladensburg Peace Cross memorial. (The proper name for the case is: The American Legion v. American Humanist Association.) Even SCOTUS seems unaware of the profound conflict hidden in that wall. But here it is. Let’s Keep This Simple Some believe that God created man,…Continue reading Bladensburg and the Wall That Couldn’t

The Resurgent States of America

The “United States of America” has become a misnomer. In 1776, “state” and “nation” were synonyms. The USA could have been named “The United Nations of America”, the UNA. After pushing the British off our shores, the colonies became independent nations but they usually called themselves states. The founders’ goal was to create a federation of these nations, a political…Continue reading The Resurgent States of America

Jack Phillips: Victim of Church and State

Under the Confusing Wall Between Church and State Jack Phillips of Lakewood, Colorado refused to bake a cake to celebrate a gay marriage. The citizens who wanted the cake took the matter to the Colorado Civil Rights Commission. This is a case in point for the book I’m writing about separation of church and state. Laws designed to separate church…Continue reading Jack Phillips: Victim of Church and State