Science Weaponizes Conservatism

Saturn with its amazing ringsWhat you are about to read is a legal breakthrough — a 100% secular proof that the US Constitution’s original intent describes the proper role of government. Here science gives conservatism a powerful new weapon by completely disarming those who say our government must not be founded on religion. You’ll see how science “weaponizes” conservatism.

The Laws of Nature

Our universe is kept in order by things exerting power. Physics has revealed that there are several powers: electromagnetic, electrostatic, the weak and strong forces, and, of course gravity being the first we may think of.  There is a hierarchy of things from the quarks to the families of galaxies and all these exhibit order because of forces they exert upon one other. We call these the laws of nature. Beginning with these powers or laws, we find our way to the ultimate human right which then defines the proper role of government. Watch this!

Now I don’t want to get us lost in a semantic jungle here, but I do need to define a couple terms by example. “Authority” is an abstract legal term and “power” is a physical one, but there is an inseparable link between the two. We talk about “power” but we could as well say “authority”; the earth having authority to keep the moon in orbit, for example. The authority can be traced immediately to the power that wields that authority.

An Abstraction Caveat

Mascot owl thinking about abstractionsAn abstraction is a conceptual tool we often use to simplify complexity. We talk of governments and societies as though they were single units. But abstractions can be dangerous because they hide and gloss over complexity. The conceptual distance between an abstraction and its antecedent reality can lead to errors in logic in our deliberations. Our present political dialog is filled with legal theories made up of happy sounding abstractions whose antecedents are completely lost in a fog of sophistry. The most worthy abstractions can be traced directly to their physical antecedents.

Natural Human Rights

A “natural right” is a legal concept abstracted directly from the nature of a human being so as to identify his power and authority over himself. If so, then anything with power or capability, may also be said to exhibit natural rights.

A boulder for example, has a property right in the space it occupies. To violate the property right of a stone, we must crush or break its source, the stone. There is either a rock with its property right, or there is neither. The earth has the power and authority to keep our moon in orbit so it must have the right to do it.

If we deny this connection between power and rights, then rights have no authority.

A tree has the right to split the rock and the beaver the right to cut down the tree. The beaver requires many protected rights for he needs to have a home, appropriate food sources, and ways to prolong and protect its species. Man has rights like all those but he has more.

The Highest Human Right

Then we ask the question: What physical reality is the source of the highest, or most distinguishing rights of mankind? The answer, not surprisingly is the power to choose. We have the power to separate stimulus and response, to insert a moment of contemplation, and to select an action. This power is the source of the authority to choose.

The Proper Role of Government

If this is a citizen’s superlative right, then his government must protect that right above all else. Otherwise, government reduces the citizen to something less than he could be. This must be the top priority in administration, legislation, and adjudication.

Civil Utopia

This perspective on the highest form of government, the proper civil utopia, reveals much. A few of these outcomes are the following:

  1. Each person is enabled to create his own, self-designed life-style, destiny, habitation, labor and pleasure environment; in a word, his own utopia. A man’s home is his castle.
  2. Each person is free to choose the worldview, philosophy of life, religion, or belief system he wishes. Freedom of religion.
  3. The primary function of government is to restrain itself and each citizen from infringing the right of choice of other persons. Freedom of choice.
  4. Citizens are free to unite themselves by contract and adopt whatever form of government they shall wish. Our revolution.
  5. The natural diversity exhibited by individual persons is protected from government imposition of any standard way of life. Celebration of diversity.
  6. Each citizen can choose for himself how he will act. If his choices are wise, he may find ways to act more effectively and to be less affected by the actions of others. Freedom of action and contract.
  7. Each person is permitted to learn, by his own experience, what he wants to do with his life, to find his path to happiness without restrictions by policies or people. Pursuit of happiness.
  8. The restrictions imposed by our fifty-one constitutions (as they were originally intended) upon our republic’s many jurisdictions are the best protectors of human rights so far. And the spirit of their intentions was aligned perfectly with this highest human right. The ultimate government.

Now 1, 5, and 7 are very similar. Although they are based upon the same principle, their perspectives remind us of their various outcomes.

A New Legal Paradigm

As a nation, we struggle to understand how to deal with the widening chasm between conservative and leftist principles. The need for a unifying principle has not been this great perhaps, since the dark days of our collapsing confederacy. The religious principles that founded the Constitution are threatened by the false dichotomy between believer and nonbeliever. This new perspective on human rights derives its power and authority from the nature of our universe: a foundation upon which every citizen may agree.

Our Political Utopia Beckons

Science helps us comprehend our many profoundly inherent, and inalienable rights, including our most unique one: freedom of choice. The superior legal position of that right, illuminated by the laws of nature, proves that the spirit and intent of our original fifty-one constitutions were perfect for the advancement of the human race: that no other form of government can protect our rights better. This is how science weaponizes conservatism.

Let us as a people, put aside our petty grievances, our seeking for a political savior who will impose our favorite utopia upon us, and embrace liberty and its freedom from all impositions. Let us celebrate independence for each citizen and his right to choose how his life will be, and what he will become, and watch while a new era of tolerance nourishes an amazing diversity of choices to beautify our planet.

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