The Politics of Fear and the Protection of Faith

We vote next week and are up to our necks in the politics of fear. When an honest person speaks out against treachery in high places, he endangers himself and his family physically, financially, and emotionally. Our data streams are overflowing with strident contradictions. Truth has become our most precious and elusive commodity. Our only safe hope is found in the Holy Ghost.

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And the truth will make us free by helping us know how to vote for freedom.

And then we must vote.

So how do we trust the Holy Ghost? Our minds and hearts are such that they cannot be simultaneously dominated by both fear and faith. They can switch quickly from one to the other – no question about that. Here’s the regimen.

Faith that God loves us keeps fear at bay. Hope that He wants to help us gives us faith for answers to prayer. Prayer for discernment through specific, directed questions gives knowledge. Obedience to His commandments brings confidence and power to our faith. Prayer in the name of Jesus Christ makes our work divinely official.

If you haven’t tried this, you should. You will be pleasantly surprised. But your desire to know must go way beyond curiosity. You have to be ready to act on what you learn.

All this is according to the covenants of the Father to his children that if they will keep their promise to do their best He will not only guide and protect but will prosper them in the good works they do by faith in Jesus Christ. It will be forever so.

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