We Can Unify

We can put down our political weapons and unify our country by agreeing to focus on our fundamentals. They are:

  1. If I can do a thing, I have the natural right to do it.

    It makes no sense to say I have a right to do something I can’t do, so I must have the right to do what I can do.

  2. Except that my rights end where yours begin.

    To be “equal under the law”, the law must treat each citizen the same and do it’s best to prevent me from violating your rights.

Realizing that every conflict is a collision of rights is the first step to unity. That understanding gives us the knowledge that our most fundamental rule of human behavior must be to respect the rights of our fellow human beings and never violate them. It’s always about some degree of tyranny and slavery.

To whatever degree I violate your rights, to that degree I am a tyrant. To whatever degree you restrict my rights, to that degree you are my slave master.

How to Unify

All we have to do is remember that our natural rights are the fundamental issue of every political idea, debate, legislation, and public discourse. Every citizen is concerned about their natural rights. While there is a lot of confusion about rights and entitlements, there is universal concern about our basic rights. We can all agree that that is our first concern and make sure we communicate that whenever we engage in any political discussion or advocacy. By unifying ourselves on our basics, we can unify ourselves as a nation.

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