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Everything is About Rights. Everything.

Ears of wheat on distant landscape
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An Irrefutable Definition of Natural Rights

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Prepping the Debate Class

Apollo 13 CO2 patch
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A New Rights Party

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Traditional Sources of Natural Rights

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The Powerful Effects of the New Rights Paradigm

US Senate Chamber
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What the Senate is Teaching Us

Nighttime galaxy by tree sillouette
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Science Weaponizes Conservatism

A row of 12 people in rainbow colors
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The Gender Explosion

US Constitution
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The Birth of Confidence: The New Constitution

The bigoted scale of justice
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The Failed Promise of Secularism

Map of 1776 Colonies
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The Resurgent States of America

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Socialism: The Law of the Jungle

Mental Complexity is Daunting
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Logical Thinking for Better Understanding

The Andromeda Galaxy
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Why Am I Doing This Blog?

Rocks with rights
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Even Rocks Have Rights

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Human Rights: How to Know Them

Canoe Seat Fabric
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Rights: Threads of the Human Fabric

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The Physics of Morality

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Here’s the Preface