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Mascot Owl Left Wing ExtendedThe writing of the book, Church and State, A Citizen’s Guide, is the main thread of this blog that I’m using to hone my comprehension and articulation of the issues – and some relevant history. Meanwhile, as an interesting or difficult issue comes to mind, I may treat it here. I like to delve deeply, sleuth out the fundamentals and understand whats behind the curtain. So I invite you to come along. Please comment on what you read, especially if you have questions or concerns. Any truth will hook properly into other truths so it’s important that there be no broken or closed hooks.

My book will NOT be the typical church and state book. I am neither a legal expert nor an historical one. This is a good thing because, not being steeped in either, I can write for a general audience. Indeed, the reviews I am already getting are very encouraging. For example: “Jackson has a way with words. He took the difficult subject of church and state and made it accessible – especially to folks who may not usually delve into that. He has a conversational way of writing; his placement of stories is genius, like the cave represented in the introduction. It’s as if the cave is lit up for the very first time and the answers are clear,” Kathryn E. Jones.

The Book Shows the Way to End Church and State Conflict

Since all political conflict is fundamentally about rights, the book takes the reader though a unique introduction to natural rights, revealing the inalienable basis of human rights found in nature without an appeal to divine endowment. Then it uses that perspective to lay out church and state issues in a way that clarifies them as no other approach can do.

Most of the book will eventually be published here as I work through the issues. There will be detours and sidebars, but until the book comes off the press that’s where I’m headed.

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