Shipwreck in a Stormy Sea by Joseph Vernet
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An Open Letter to Tucker, Glenn, Laura, et al.

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Everything is About Rights. Everything.

Ears of wheat on distant landscape
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An Irrefutable Definition of Natural Rights

George Washington Praying at Valley Forge
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The Politics of Fear and the Protection of Faith

big boulder
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The Rock: Key to Natural Human Rights

Couple walking on beach
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The Statue of Liberty
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Give Your Life for Liberty

Signing of the Declaration of Independence
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We Can Unify

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The Temporal Rights of Love

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The Powerful Effects of the New Rights Paradigm

Don't Tread on Me, Gadsden Flag
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Celebrating 13 Constitutions

US Constitution
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The Birth of Confidence: The New Constitution

The bigoted scale of justice
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The Failed Promise of Secularism

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True Freedom

Map of 1776 Colonies
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The Resurgent States of America

Muzzle Loading Pistol
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The Right to Life and to Bear Arms

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Socialism: The Law of the Jungle

Rocks with rights
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Even Rocks Have Rights

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Jack Phillips: Victim of Church and State

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Human Rights: How to Know Them