Beating the Secularist at His Own Game

A Secular Proof of God-given Rights The entire nation holds that our laws should not rest on any religious tenet or tradition. That’s a good thing. However, the secularists have had their way with our laws and our religious symbols for many decades. They have won the arguments because, as nonbelievers, their ideas seemed inherently secular. The rest of us…Continue reading Beating the Secularist at His Own Game

Celebrating 13 Constitutions

The Confederacy was a failed attempt at a co-op among the 13 colonies whose revolution made them sovereign nations. When the Confederacy failed, the need for unification became clear. Each of these nations/states had their own constitution. Those 13 constitutions protected the rights of the people from the oppression they had just escaped. Today, Constitution Day 2019, we celebrate 13…Continue reading Celebrating 13 Constitutions

Religious Rights in Early America

Anciently, the State Was Ruled by Religion In the Greek, Roman, Hebrew, Egyptian, and many other cultures, religious authority and civil authority were completely unified in a single council or person. In other cases the government often supported a religion, usually by taxation. Separation of religion and government were hardly even considered. But there were many exceptions. For example, when…Continue reading Religious Rights in Early America

The Resurgent States of America

The “United States of America” has become a misnomer. In 1776, “state” and “nation” were synonyms. The USA could have been named “The United Nations of America”, the UNA. After pushing the British off our shores, the colonies became independent nations but they usually called themselves states. The founders’ goal was to create a federation of these nations, a political…Continue reading The Resurgent States of America

Touring the Rights Cave, Hierarchy Cavern

There were a lot of rocks in the first cavern of the cave of rights, and we have discussed the rights of those rocks. Today we’re moving into the lesser life forms cavern to see the hierarchy of rights found throughout nature. Then we’ll tour the next cavern and discuss rights in conflict. I have a funny story to tell…Continue reading Touring the Rights Cave, Hierarchy Cavern