A List of Rights and Their Origins

The following is a list of frequently claimed human rights with a brief description of their origins. Some are fundamental, others are a derivative of a fundamental right. Still others are not rights at all but rather an abstract appeal to some human sensibility. These latter “rights” turn out to confuse the meaning of the word “right”. What Is a…Continue reading A List of Rights and Their Origins

The Birth of Confidence: The New Constitution

On March 4, 2019, we commemorate the inauguration of the most transcendent legal document ever written: the Constitution of the United States of America. The thirteen colonies fought off the English and became sovereign states. Thirteen years after 1776, and thousands of discussions over back fences and in the public square, a new constitution was crafted. The date set for…Continue reading The Birth of Confidence: The New Constitution

Abstraction: a Legislative Trap

One of the interesting things the human mind can do is to use abstractions. We can think and talk of carrots and crops. Carrots are real physical things. You can eat one. The word “Crops”, on the other hand, means plants grown to be harvested.”Crops” is an abstract idea that covers all kinds of things. But you can’t eat an…Continue reading Abstraction: a Legislative Trap

The Blog and the Book

The writing of the book, Church and State, A Citizen’s Guide, is the main thread of this blog that I’m using to hone my comprehension and articulation of the issues – and some relevant history. Meanwhile, as an interesting or difficult issue comes to mind, I may treat it here. I like to delve deeply, sleuth out the fundamentals and understand whats behind…Continue reading The Blog and the Book