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Mascot Owl WinkingHere’s a few proverbs I’ve collected over the years. I think they are all mine but one can never be entirely certain of such things.

  1. Were it not for light, darkness would have no name.
  2. Proud men have no time for truth.
  3. Some art is worse than it looks.
  4. Love is an act of free choice.
  5. It takes a giant leap of faith to say there is no God. We are all believers.
  6. Respect may stand alone so it precedes love.
  7. Labeling noise as “music” doesn’t make it sound better.
  8. Love flourishes on the ashes of self.
  9. If you keep on avoiding the truth, eventually you’ll never find it.
  10. You wrote the things you read between the lines.
  11. If you are not true to yourself, life will surely be perplexing and discouraging.
  12. Fighting false ideas is like flailing away at darkness. Just turn on the light.
  13. Laws granting rights to a class take those rights from the rest.
  14. Slavery: My rights to your skills exceed your rights to your skills.
  15. Legislating utopia is not a dream but a nightmare.
  16. A peaceful society’s most important rules cannot be enforced by law.
  17. There are natural rights and unnatural rights.
  18. Bigotry is a war on diversity.
  19. Anti-discrimination law enforces reverse discrimination.

Parental Sayings

Here’s a few saying we learned to use with our children that you may enjoy –
Mother and Teenager

  1. I’m not asking you to want to. [in answer to “I don’t want to — “]
  2. Shall I go rob a bank?? [In answer to “But so and so is doing it.”]
  3. It’s good to have a dream. [When they want something totally out of the question.]
  4. Nothing is fair but the weather, and that’s only once in a while.” [Actually a quote from a high school teacher]
  5. Are you sure you want fairness and justice? [The little beggars have no idea how in debt they are to you.]
  6. What did you do? [Never ask “why”, that invites them to continue justifying bad behavior.]
  7. Once you have it done, you will understand why I want you to do it.



I love to play with words - to turn them this way and that to see what happens. And I have collected a few sayings that I have written down and saved. Here are some of them.  #JackPemBlog #proverbs

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