You may to tempted to think that I have run out of gas because you haven't heard much from me recently. As the temporal rights point of view has matured on me, I have had many thoughts and ponderings and in the process have discovered many interesting things. Things that will be published during future posts. It is an exciting time. It is a revolutionary time.

If there was a time when we needed a revolution of thinking it is now. It is not lost on me that our 1776 revolution was also about rights. All politics is fundamentally about rights, and rights is my focus. If as a nation, we can understand rights, we can fix our broken politics. So let's just talk.

But what has happened with me over the past two years is this: I have
written 171 posts containing 116,794 words, and
published 46 posts containing 52,961 words.
So over half of my work remains unpublished. That is because I have been focused on learning how to articulate what I have found and making sure that it is something new. I have spent many hours reading the natural rights discussions of the political philosophers who have given us what we already have. I have found that none of them have seen what I now see.

I just published An Introduction to Temporal Rights which is my best discussion so far of the new rights paradigm. This post helps the reader see the paradigm shift of temporal rights.

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Jackson Pemberton