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I have recently redesigned the blog site and published several new articles, all revolving around the new natural rights paradigm. It confirms the God-given rights claimed in The Declaration of Independence but at the same time, it is 100% secular. This dynamic has the promise of leveling the playing field between the believer and the nonbeliever. Maybe the dawning of a new day of peace across the wall of separation of church and state?
I am excited by the clarification and reach the new paradigm gives. Here's a list of the newly published articles:

Roe v. Wade Under the New Rights Paradigm - this famous abortion case demonstrates how the paradigm directs and simplifies difficult cases.
The New Human Rights Paradigm - explains this new understanding of rights.
Traditional Sources of Natural Rights - this new source is unprecedented.
Natural Rights and Government - the new paradigm identifies the role of government.
The Powerful Effects of the New Rights Paradigm - The highest human right becomes obvious, animal rights are established, SCOTUS opinions are simplified, etc.

If you would like to help promote this new understanding of the source of our natural, inalienable rights, please use the share buttons on the blog site and use #newRightsParadigm in your social media.

Thanks for being a subscriber. And stay safe - wash your hands! : )

Jackson Pemberton