We're Moving to Arkansas!

And the book on church and state is nearing completion - but necessarily on hold for now.
As I neared the end of the first draft of the book, I found myself working harder and harder on it. I want it to end in an appropriate climax because I feel so deeply that the subject is more vital with each passing day. Religious persecution is increasing around the world which proves the escalating need for understanding the basics of religious issues. The article I published a few minutes ago, treats some of these issues at their fundamental level. Here's the link to it. (Charlet thinks it is one of the best yet and I believe it amounts to a pretty good overview of the interesting discoveries I've made so far.) https://tinyurl.com/y4de4y2b
Meanwhile, our son Joe has taken a high-level position in the merchandizing design operations (hope I have that right) with Walmart in their corporate offices in Bentonville, AR. They have been working on a house plan that included space for grandpa and grandma and have invited us to live close to them. We are deeply touched by their love and are excited by the possibilities afforded by the longer growing season in Bentonville. Blueberries and apple trees are on the agenda.
When we get settled in, we'll be back in touch and I'll release several more articles. I have several nearly completed, but because they are inter-related, am holding them all for now.