Radio Interview Microphone

At 8:45 this morning -

I was sitting in front of one of these. It was stimulating and stressful and exciting - and it went well. We talked about the books I'm working on and the blog. But most important, we talked about human rights and why they are inalienable. Something we all need to understand in todays relativistic world where the foundations of our culture are under attack.

So I have published a short post on how these interviews are staged and included a recording you can listen to yours truly on KSVC talk radio right here.

Someday I'll be on a major TV talk show. You just wait and see. Everyone is telling me that my basis for rights is completely unique. I think it is incontrovertible. As I apply that to the issues of church and state, there will be some upset people who think rights are negotiable.

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Jackson Pemberton