First Children's Book

No new blog post for you this week - I spent the week drafting the text for a children's book based on the post Even Rocks Have Rights.

I woke up one morning thinking we ought to be teaching our children about human rights in a way they can comprehend and remember. By taking a brother and sister on a little hike to find a beaver pond, they bump into the farmer who owns the place. They learn about his great grandparents homestead, land, and water rights. That leads to the rights of the beavers, the trees, and finally they figure out that Even Rocks Have Rights. The blog post title seemed perfect for a children's book so I kept it.

If you haven't read the Introduction to the book Church and State, A Citizen's Guide or the blog post titled Even Rocks Have Rights, you may want to take a look. There you'll see how simple it is to understand rights in a way that is unique and powerful.

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Jackson Pemberton