A rock farmer's harvest of landscaping rocks

Here's What Happened.

So the Tenth Amendment Center, a conservative group who is helping states take back their rights and authority as the creators of the federal government, has been publishing my work for several week now. When the founder and CEO, Michael Boldin, read Even Rocks Have Rights, he sent me a note: "your article on rocks and rights is awesome, thanks for writing and submitting ..."

I'm not an Atheist

I suppose some of you have wondered why I haven't mentioned God as the giver of rights, since most of you know I am a staunch believer, to say the least. The reason: I'm building a case for church and state that nonbelievers cannot just throw aside saying that we "base everything on God. What if he doesn't even exist?" The basis of the book on church and state is rights - because that's the basic issue in all political conflict.

Anyway, if you haven't read Even Rocks Have Rights you may want to give it a try.

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Jackson Pemberton