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Truth: Friend and Foe!

This new post about our instinctive avoidance of truth is an attempt to help us see why the truth sometimes escapes us and what we can do to fix that. I hope you enjoy it. Post a comment if anything troubles you about it - or, if you just liked it for some reason.

Meanwhile, I spent most of the week reflecting on the truth about this blog and this book I'm committed to writing - trying to settle on the precise approach, mood, perspective and layout. I did some research and took a webinar - I'm working on it good. It was interesting to notice how that often took me to an introspection of who I am and how I can best serve my fellow citizens.

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The Physics of Morality

One of my readers suggested I treat the relativity theory of truth that many generation Y people have adopted, so that is my goal here today. This morality "theory" is often expressed this way, "What works for me is true for me and what works for you is true for you." It strikes me first of all as a simple, …

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