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The book's basic logic is nearly done!

This new post about abstract reasoning and legislation is another critical part of the issues surrounding the separation of church and state. This post lays an important part of the foundation for understanding the church and state problem. That foundation consists of:
  • The Space Between Words and Their Meanings
  • Believer - Nonbeliever: the False Dichotomy
  • Abstraction: A Legislative Trap
By the way, one of the main reasons I am writing the book is that I believe this goal of separating church and state is impossible to attain, and in the process of thrashing around trying to get there, a lot of damage is being done to religious freedom.

Meanwhile, I spent most of the week outlining the book in the Scrivener software I use for journalism work. I may publish that outline if there is enough interest in seeing it.

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Abstraction: a Legislative Trap

One of the interesting things the human mind can do is to use abstractions. We can think and talk of carrots and crops. Carrots are real physical things. You can eat one. The word "Crops", on the other hand, means plants grown to be harvested."Crops" is an abstract idea that covers all kinds of things. You can't eat an idea. …

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