Hello Friends and Family,

As you might suspect from the greeting, this is a broadcast to a bunch of you. I just want to announce a couple things you might be interested in.
As some of you know, I wrote the bicentennial feature series of articles for The Freeman magazine published by the Foundation for Economic Education. That was in 1976, of course. Since then I have written a number of essays just to get my thinking down on paper.
Well, we have finished remodeling our home here in Fairview and I have got the itch to write some more and I am motivated so -
I have just launched a blog, The Jackson Pemberton Blog, that I am using for several reasons, but the biggest one is that I have started writing my first book: The Impossible Separation of Church and State, and I am using the blog to hone my understanding of the issues and hopefully my skill at articulating those issues.
This email is pure spam. You did not subscribe to this, and I hereby extend my apologies if it is intrusive. Either way, there is a link at the bottom of this email that you can use to unsubscribe anytime you wish. So knowing you could do that, I have been forward enough to add you to this mailing list.
I'll offer a little more explanation now in case you would like that, if not, you know what to do!
We are watching our civilization become more uncivilized and I hope I can at least slow that down. There is a tremendous amount of very shallow thinking going on, a lot of advocacy of things that sound wonderful but are disasters in the happening. So I am focussing on the basics: things like words and meanings and abstractions that derail good thinking, etc. I am also posting some blogs that are about current issues - like today I did one on Father's Day. The Lord has given me a gift of being able to get down to the fundamentals of things and the ability to articulate them, so I just gotta do it.
But my main target is the book, The Impossible Separation of Church and State. After mulling this over for several months, I have come up with a few logical steps that show that that separation (at least in the way the popular press treats it) is impossible to achieve and that, in fact, the attempt is establishing a state religion. That of course, is the exact opposite of the intent of the first amendment.
So that's my message for today. If you stay subscribed, you will receive an email each time I publish a new post on the blog - I guessing about once a week or so. Very unlikely more frequently than that.
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Love to you all, if you head down this way to central Utah, be sure to get in touch!
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